SIDEM ELECTRIC® provides these customers with its know-how and offer for :
üAdvice and expertise.
üInstallation audits.
üInstrumentation Audits.
üTechnical studies.
üSubstitution of old generation equipment.
üSupply of electric cables and measurement.

SIDEM ELECTRIC® 's mission is to develop the use of renewable energies for the production of electricity by natural and ecological resources such as photovoltaic panels and wind turbines by proposing complete solutions.

In addition to its current activities which consist in the marketing of electrical products and in its capacity as distributor of the following companies :
vABB « ASEA BROWN BOVERI » : electric motors variable speed drives, soft starters and transformers and industrial equipment
vLEGRAND : industrial and domestic electrical equipment
vWEIDMULLER : professional tooling for electricians and accessories (Terminal blocks Connectors Markers etc.) for the design of cabinets, electrical boxes and others